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Why Choose Us?

Alpen Life brings people together to connect and access mountain sports adventure in a seamless mobile app and online dashboard.

Our fast and easy solution provides real-time, crowd sourced communication channels resulting in enhanced safety and improved mountain experiences on the slopes much like what does for road travel.

Unlike other mountain sports apps, Alpen Life works at all mountain resorts while helping athletes, their families and communities enjoy the mountain sports they love: skiing, running, hiking, mountain biking and more while keeping track of each other.

We're happy to offer immediate and lasting value to our customers.

“Supporting a mountain sports app business is important to me. The team at Alpen Life is always super helpful, and the merch quality is as great.”

John Hill
Denver, CO

About Us

Olivia M

A small but scrappy team with more than 20 years experience in the alpine skiing industry.

Being a part of the Alpen Life team means surrounding yourself with smart and passionate people, striving to build an inclusive, inspired and engaged community.

We're focused on building features that strengthen mountain sports industries and support the athletes that call them home.